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Fairfield politicians drive business from fairfield's business center


Voters Stand Up Against City Hall Hurting Downtown Fairfield

unethical politics changing fairfield's business center

Unfair politics By Fairfield City Council



If you don't speak up who will?  

Very few challenge the Fairfield City Council. Don't believe fully their Heart of Fairfield plan which is pennies to the dollars earned by developers of Business Center Drive. 

99.9% of Fairfield Voters probably don't stand up for what's right in different areas of political influence.  

Many don't know how. Now you can know!

It will be interesting. Get onto Fairfield public access TV channel most or every 1st and 3rd Tue from about 6:30pm



Exercise Your Right To Talk At City Council Meetings Every 1st & 3rd Tue at 6pm. 

Public Comments usually start from after 6:25pm. Get there by 6:15pm. Fill out a card and hand it to one of the "kings" or "queens" high up at the front of the room.  

Bring something to read while they do their dog and pony show giving awards or whatever hoping the public will tire and not talk. Just come after their small chat!


Business Center Drive's Fairfield Street Number Listings

Business Center Drive's Fairfield California 94534 

Draft Street Numbers Listings

May Include 4500 - 5140

Use GPS For Driving Directions

4500 Business Center Drive, Fairfield, CA

4665 Business Center Drive, Fairfield, CA

4755 Business Center Drive, Fairfield, CA

4820 Business Center Drive, Fairfield, CA

4830 Business Center Drive , Fairfield, CA

5041 Business Center Drive , Fairfield, CA

5050 Business Center Drive , Fairfield, CA

5055 Business Center Drive, Fairfield, CA

5071 Business Center Drive, Fairfield, CA

5085 Business Center Drive, Fairfield, CA

5089 Business Center Drive, Fairfield, CA

5100 Business Center Drive , Fairfield, CA

5101 Business Center Drive , Fairfield, CA

5111 Business Center Drive , Fairfield, CA

5113 Business Center Drive , Fairfield, CA

5140 Business Center Drive, Fairfield, CA

Don't Forget Historic Fairfield Business Center!

Political Choice Of Street Naming Is Only 

One Example Of Unfair Politics. 

What Does Business Center Drive's

Future Hold?


Business Center Drive's Fairfield Company Listings

Most Listed Companies Have Office Spaced Owned By The Businesses, Or Rent Their Fairfield Office Spaces On Long Term Leases. The Companies Won't Probably Being Going Anywhere Soon.

4500 Business Center Drive, Northbay Healthcare, also near the Heart Of Fairfield where there are vacant or trailer parking lots to build a new offie building closing to the hospital. What about right on West Texas Street near the Daily Republic newspaper www.DailyRepublic.com which barely covers government corruption.

5111 Business Center Drive, RW & BJ Doyle Inc, Fairfield LLC. 

5041 Business Center Drive, Coffee Plus Shawn West, is this the same Shawn West tied with The Daily Desk, also tied with Harry T Price (Confusingly a guy in real estate but not Fairfield’s mayor with same name and initials).  Plus Mohan Bajwa DDS, Inc, CZG LLC 

5071 Business Center Drive, BSI Temporary Services, Phillips & Associates Inc. What effect did Gateway Investors Club LLC have on the heart of Fairfield’s Solano Investors’ Club and Fairfield Investors Club?

4755 Business Center Drive, Tom Wells Consulting LLC, plus Sonmar of Fairfield LLC. Does Homewood Suites seems offer furnished short term residential real estate rentals at this Fairfield location?

5055 Business Center Drive, A diverse assortment of companies, Kim's Salon & Spa, Tender Loving Home Care Inc, Adhere Inc, Pelayos Mexican Food.

4665 Business Center Drive, Copart, Copart Direct, Houston Copart Salvage Auto Auctions Limited Partnership, Dallas Copart Salvage Auto Auctions Limited Partnership 

5030 Business Center Sterling Asset Management Company, Skye Technical Services Inc., Van Pelt Construction Services, Danbury Park LLC. Plus the nice and affordable Sticky Rice Chinese Bistro & Bar restaurant that might be one of many Wiseman buildings. But oh don’t piss Wiseman or the Fairfield Old Boy Network because the city is theirs right?

4820 Business Center Drive, Geovera Specialty Insurance Services Inc, Geo Vera Specialty Insurance Services Inc. Absolute Health Medical Spa.

5113 Business Center Drive, Fish related companies Ocean City Seafood Buffet Corporation, Hinata Hibachi & Sushi. 

5100 Business Center Drive Is the Green Valley Office Park Owners Association tied with Wiseman who may overdeveloped the number of office buildings for rent in Fairfield and thereby have have had an effect on the Heart of Fairfield www.HeartOfFairfield.Net and www.HeartOfFairfield.Com. Can the heart of Fairfield compete against better organized Fairfield Old Boy network real estate developers taking advantage of how the new street was named? Also Educational Partnership Foundation of Solano. Solano County Office of Education,

5101 Business Center Drive, Most people know Costco Wholesale and how it drives shoppers from the heart of Fairfield.  Wouldn’t there be more even shopping at downtown Fairfield’s farmer’s market without it? 

5089 Business Center Drive, SK Green Valley Inc. Glory Fish & Chips, Sushi King and Palm Thai Bistro. More details on this and other BCD (Business Center Drive) companies from unwarranted site https://clustrmaps.com/d/CA/Fairfield/Business-Center-DriveCenter-Drive

5085 Business Center Drive, Reet Corporation, plus Shakti Enterprises LLC. Now how Round Table and Chaats Cuisine are tied to this mapping related directory is a wonder, like it is for other businesses mapped here.

5050 Business Center Drive, Nor Cal Pipeline was the only Fairfield real estate user found there.

4830 Business Center Drive, Sutter Visiting Nurse Association and Hospice. Did we get the name right? Does "Hospice" belong after Visiting Nurse Association?

5140 Business Center Drive, Edward C Hughes MD Inc plus Franklyn E Seabrooks Ii Md appear to be on the UCC filings for this and other listed companies by street address.



Why Politicians Driving Hurting Fairfield's Historic Business Center

Why Did Fairfield Commercial Real Estate Developers Use Unfair Fairfield Politics To Get Their Road Built & Named To Make People Think The Heart of Fairfield Is No Longer The Business Center? 

Examples Of Companies Who Have Commercial Real Estate Space On The Other “Central” Road & Not On Fairfield’s Main Road, Texas Street. Opinions on this site nor its links are warranted. 

This Is Only The Tip Of The Iceberg Concerning Unfair Fairfield Politics!

Disclaimers: This incomplete draft directory might be compiled from business license records, web site domain name registrations, UCC filings or other public lists or mapping sites. The company list which may be current or outdated is compiled from sources not necessarily correct.  Hope this disclaimers keeps Fairfield old boy network off the site developers' backs.